The Power of Monatomic Gold

“An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body,” is true as more balanced a person is, the more intelligent he is. When you strive to find a right balance of mind, body, and soul, then you should look forward to incorporate the right elements in your daily life.

Some Science experts believe that monatomic gold plays a strong role in balancing our left as well right hemispheres that are in the human brain. Not just that, this also helps in making people a lot more calm as it decreases the extent of alpha waves that are there in the brain of a person.

Some medical institutes have conducted studies on the relevance of gold white powder monatomic or ormus white powder gold, and have come to some significant conclusions.

There are different kinds of states that a person might experience after consuming a monatomic white gold powder. According to some ancient beliefs and philosophies, the white gold was created by some former civilizations. This was done with an aim to heighten the senses and abilities of people, and for augmenting the consciousness of individuals. Not just this, it was also used as a part of several ceremonies, such as religious orders or related occasions in the society.

Left Brain Fosters Mental Experience

More often it is believed that people whose left-brain is more dominant get to have more of mental experience. This can happen for days in a row and can result in better focus. This can also result in an experience of better levels of energy. Also, this would enhance the stamina of a person with increased endurance capability.

Right Brain Promotes Creative Performance

Not just this, another finding has revealed that the right-brain works towards a creative performance. This kind of experience could also be spiritual.

When you consume these elements, the difference between our thoughts and the goal gets reduced. Also, the time which is required in order to understand our needs, and accomplish them in the reality also gets reduced.

These creative forces that are universal in nature are experienced within us. They not just bring us close to serendipity, but also result in channelizing actions in the right directions in a person’s life. This leads to a smoother existence, thereby giving us a graceful demeanor, and reducing the amount of effort required.

According to some medical surveys, the left-brain individuals witness accentuated creativity. On the other hand, the right-brain ones feel clarity in their thought process, such as starting with things like planning of the day in advance.

Fusion of Mind-Body-Soul

Many practitioners are of the belief that these elements contribute to a faster body-healing. They play a great role in balancing various energy fields in our body and yielding quicker results.

Aligning our energies with these kinds of cosmic forces which surround us in our everyday lives produce those effects that are otherwise hard to achieve. This not just results in physical relief, but also gives results that take us to the point of achieving the highest potential.

This takes us in the right state where there is a perfect equilibrium of the mind and body.

Taste the Fruit of Spiritual Knowledge

“Any fool can count the seeds in an apple. Only God can count all the apples in one seed” is a famous saying. There are many ancient legends all across the world that have widely spoken and written about Gods. While some have considered them as immortal, some have even compared many human qualities with the characteristics present in gods. One such thing is the habit of eating, or the food of the Gods. It is said that gods are not old, and will be young forever as if they have had a bath in the fountain of youth drink.

Compared With Humans

According to some saints, a person can even connect his internal soul with the soul of god and talk to him directly. There are several truths and theories behind Gods, where comparisons have been drawn between human beings and gods. Some of these characteristics include cheating, hunting, lying, stealing, intoxication through drugs.

Like humans, they drink and eat, but their food is somewhat different. It is said that the food which they take has an eternal power in them. Therefore, anybody who eats it will become immortal. This is why their food is forbidden for an ordinary man. It is also said that gods take doses of honey and drink milk.

Milk – Symbol of Purity

According to people staying in Egypt, the gods of knowledge, along with lords of wisdom gained immortality after they drank some White Drops, which were the harbinger of immortality.

Cow has also been considered as a symbol of purity and is worshipped in various religions. According to some ancient beliefs, Egyptian gods drink milk of a white cow named Hathor.

Not just this, even in Hindu religion, there are many stories related to milk and cows. One such story is where the gods had churned a milky ocean to get a liquid which made them immortal. The Indian gods drank this milk which was also called ‘Amrita’ and became immortal. This milk which was taken by gods was forbidden for humans, and only the former had the right over it. Even till this date, the concept of ‘Amrita’ is associated with honey, butter, yoghurt and milk. This is why they are offered to gods whenever there is a festival. Not just this, cow is also considered as a demi goddess because of the nutritional qualities of the milk she produces.

The Forbidden Truth

According to some myths prevalent in Greece, gods or men who had a sip of nectar and ambrosia have different type of blood with different colour as compared to other human beings. Some believed that their veins did not consist of blood, rather ichor, which is considered as poisonous for human beings.

Also, the concept of origination of man and woman is also interesting. It is said that Adam who was the first man, and Eve who was the first woman were the only inhabitants of earth. But they were tempted by a serpent that pursued them to eat the forbidden fruit which was the fruit of knowledge.

While this might be an issue of debate for some people, there are many who believe in the magical power of god. Many people who want to get knowledge in this regard also seek online services, such as divine souls online.

Promote Your Brain Process

Medicine is not only a Science, it is also an Art. A good composition in a medicine plays the right role, and gives the patient long lasting effects. There are medicines which come with certain compositions of monoatomic indium, as well as monoatomic iridium. When you talk about these terms, little do we know about their meaning? However, what is even more important is to understand their relevance.

Get the Right Balance

The monoatomic balance is associated with better creativity, learning ability, and enhanced coordination of the mind along with the body. A right dose would bring about positive changes, and induce some helpful effects in the person who consumes it.

The benefits’ pertaining to them does not end here. They also play a role in enhancing the intelligence of a person by giving him an intelligent mind, and helping him deal with stress in a better manner.

It will be beneficial in a great way for those who are suffering from any kind of mental imbalances. This could be in terms of his learning or serious behavioural traits, such as autism, dyslexia or conditions like attention-deficit kind of disorder.

Combine with Exercise/Meditation

A right dose of components like monoatomic indium, and monoatomic iridium would work best with the combination of self training programs.

The effects that are brought about with such elements when a patient consumes them are immediate and fast. This is because of the strong nature of these substances. This brings about a change in just a matter of few minutes, which would have otherwise taken a time of 3 months.

It is also believed by many practitioners, that body-healing happens fast through these components. This is because they play a role in balancing out the energy fields that are present in the human body, thereby giving quicker results. Not just this, counselors also notice a great response from their clients along with the desired effects. The combination of meditation along with the intake of these substances helps in inducing permanent positive changes in the human body.

When a person has such intakes in his medicines, then there are some electromagnetic frequencies which are produced. These are raised irrespective of the orientation of the brain whether it is the left orientation or right one in the person. The result that one gets is the integration of thoughts, which are not just clearer, but also comparatively powerful.

Propagates Spiritual and Moral Feelings

There are studies which even indicate that the intake of such substances propagates some spiritual feelings in a person. These feelings could be of any kind, such as all individuals are a part of the almighty god. Even though this would always remain a subject of discussion, one cannot negate the fact that monatomic gold is quite beneficial for the human body.

It would not just clear the confusion in our thoughts, emotions as well as patterns, but would also encourage an honest intention within us. As we tend to focus on our thoughts more and more by each passing day, we achieve a streamlined mental focus.

The gift that these components provide not only helps us achieve what we want, but also control things which we don’t want.

Unravel the Mystery behind Monatomic Elements

By simply giving a name to a phenomenon does not explain it! Even though our classical literature clearly points towards a state where white powder would give a fluorescent-type glow, some of the scientific communities believe in diverging and interesting explanations.

According to them, this powder not just behaves as a type of a superconductor when there is room temperature, but also exhibits some pretty interesting properties.

Since it is a super conductor, it works on the aspect of magnetic field which comes from the earth, thereby giving it force of levitation.

Properties of Monatomic Substances

Many cases have indicated that it is quite difficult to analyze the particular gravity of such monatomic elements because there is a variation in weight. Not just this, there is also variation of temperatures along with the variation in weight.

In case of some fixed circumstances, these elements have a weight lesser than even zero! This would actually imply that a container which is full of such monatomic matter would weigh even lesser than an empty container.

These are noble metals, and they produce extreme concentration in case of superfood.

When we are generally talking about a metallic element, then we can easily say that it would be physically stable. Not just this, it would also be a good conductor of both heat, chemically active, and also conductor of electricity.

Different from Metals

On one hand, metals usually are prone to be being eroded, but this is not the case with monatomic atoms. In case of these atoms, their element manifests qualities that are more like that of a ceramic. While ceramics are poor conductors in case of heat as well as electricity, monatomic substances exude the quality of superconductors that too when they are on a room temperature.

Be it about monoatomic palladium or monoatomic osmium, there are many of such kinds of revelations that are not a part of modern or traditional text books. This is because of the fact that their full and scientific implications are yet to get evaluated by our scientific leaders and communities.

It is basically the grouping part of atoms which goes on in defining the physical constitution elements, such as monoatomic palladium or monoatomic osmium. It is not the numbers or amounts of neutrons or protons for that matter in the nucleus that defines the constitution as it previously used to be considered. Other elements especially metallic are a part of the same periodic table which has been part of micro clusters.

Make Unknown known

What one gets to know after studying about all these facts is that there is a new phase in terms of a new matter that is in stored in this universe.

This is none other than the monatomic matters that are still not known and are away from the eyes of many educated people. They are unknown and have been in this way for such a long time that it is hard to detect them by the use of simple analytical techniques. The need here is to get more information about them through studies, and educated the masses about their compositions and advantages.

Un-puzzle the Puzzle of Monoatomics

Platnium-300x300Classical science has given us information, and taught us about the three vital elements of matter, which primarily are –solids, liquids, and gasses.

There are some types of solids, which are just crystallized into structure, and are popularly known as metals.

There is another phase that classical science has not really taught many of us. This phase is a different phase of matter, which is scientifically known as monatomic. These monatomic elements have various kinds of ceramic properties.

Formation of Micro-Clusters

According to several nuclear physicists, the atoms in case of some elements also exist in the form of micro clusters. These micro clusters are nothing, but tiny and little groups in between two and hundreds of atoms. Many of the precious metals that fall in middle of a periodic kind of chart are in this type of state.

It has been observed that these kinds of elements have different kinds of half-filled type of cluster of electrons. They are also present in monoatomic platinum, as these represent various types of protons.

In case there are more than a given or mentioned number of atoms that are present in the micro cluster, then the atoms present in it will amount into a lattice form with metallic properties.

Significance Aspect

The significance that they offer is that if there are two or more than two gold atoms present in a single micro cluster, then the characteristics that will be exhibited by it would be metallic in nature.

However, on the other hand, if there are nine or even lesser atoms in microcluster, then it will instantly separate and become a group of rhodium atoms.

One state of equilibrium

Very often nuclear scientists have a question in mind about why there is only one state of equilibrium at a fixed type of deformation state, and why is it different at a different level.

This is because these monatomic elements are not there as a contributor for some chemical reactions. Their atoms have physical properties that are on similar lines of that available in ceramic materials. There have been various recent and current discoveries that give practical and broad implications, but they are yet to get fully evaluated. When we talk about monoatomic platinum or any such thing, then a broader understanding of the subject can only guide you through the scientific reasons behind these processes. When one reads such a statement, especially a person who has a comprehensive knowledge about Science, then they might get a feel that this could not be completely true. They might also think that this could be true.

While this may be a difficult thing for an ordinary person to understand, but the matter of the fact is that such a chemical procedure can take about few days also, and take many years also.

Even what we get to learn from an educated and literate Science observer can turn out to be true; however whether he might be able to explain the physical mechanism which is involved here or not is a big question. This question is yet to be explained in an answer.

A Layperson’s Guide to Monoatomic Gold

Monoatomic gold as a subject is presented to be rather confusing and complex. WGold-300x300ith a sufficient amount of information and misinformation floating around on the internet, chances are that you will be left with more questions than the ones you had before you started the process to buy monoatomic gold.

Common Mistakes made by well meaning Vendors

If you have looked up this substance on the internet, you may have most likely come across a list of never ending scientific terms that describe it in an extremely complicated manner. You may have come across information that focuses on the physics and chemistry of this mystery element that is backed by real research. However, most of this information fails to connect the gold to this research in a way that laypersons can comprehend.

Why you look up monoatomic gold benefits, for instance, terms that you may come across include the likes of – quantum tunneling, Bose Einstein condensates, superdeformation of nuclei, superconductivity, Meissner effects among many others that are of little or no relevance to the lay mind.

Cracking the Monoatomic Code

This substance is in simple words an alternative physical state of the metal gold. Conventionally, all matter is in the form of solid, liquid or gas. When it is cooled or heated to extremes or mashed together in particle accelerators, it has been noticed that their unique properties are often exhibited. These properties are rather unlike their natural physical state.

Monoatomic gold is the form of gold that is not organized in its traditional metallic lattice structure. Conventional physics and chemistry states that this particular state is impossible to achieve considering that the metal is reactive at room temperatures and regular atmospheric pressures.

However, this form of gold is known to not form any bonds or crystal lattice structures. Instead, they survive as individual atoms. This substance is available in abundance in its exotic state within nature, but at the same time is highly challenging to detect. Since no sophisticated instrumentation has been invented to detect the material and it often repels electromagnetic fields, thereby remaining hidden.

What are Monoatomic Gold Products?

One can buy products with monoatomic gold for sale in a form that is readily consumable. Products containing this substance are easily available online. This substance is known to neutralize negativity within cells and protect them from a variety of ailments. Common healing benefits of this substance include –

• The strengthening of the heart
• Strengthening and toning of the pineal and pituitary gland
• Revitalization of the thymus gland that helps further support the immune system
• Improve red blood cell production in the bone marrow
• Regeneration of cells within the body

Under the guidance of a qualified practitioner, you can buy monatomic gold and consume it as per recommended dosages for comprehensive health benefits.

The Evolution of Monatomic Gold

Gold-300x300Monatomic Gold is a rather exotic substance that has traditionally be highly valued by cultures going back centuries. In the modern times, this material has re-merged and been looked at through a less mystical or magical eye but rather from a better informed medical perspective.

This form of gold has been used all through history for the purpose of healing, encouraging growth within one’s spiritually, to gain enlightenment and to balance gravity, space and time.

Modern Science and Ancient Knowledge

Monatomic Gold, also known as the “Philosophers Stone” has attained a state of worship through history. All of this, because of its range of unbelievable benefits and powers. This is because it is only in the recent times that science has been able to actually determine what this substance really did.

In the ancient Egyptian culture, for instance, there is evidence that the Pharaohs would eat ‘Sho-Bread’ that contained this form of gold since it believed to facilitate spiritual enlightenment, increase life span and heighten one’s awareness.

Furthermore, Ancient priestly scientists also very well acknowledged the benefits of this substance with regards to its potential posed for the human body and its DNA. The Sumerians also recorded that the Annunaki, their Gods, arrived from heaven to seed mankind.

David Hudson’s Monatomic Gold

The current theory revolving around this substance was took birth in 1995 by David Hudson. Modern science suggests that this material is a superconductor. It has also been found that an unknown element in the human brain is responsible to super-conduct. By adding more of these substances into your diet and then introducing it to your brain allows humans to significantly speed up its processing and power to function. In addition to this, it also influences its consciousness levels.

You are what you Eat

What you consume is directly reflected on the quality of your health. Furthermore, there is no hiding the fact that modern day diets are seriously lacking all the essential vitamins and nutrients that a human body needs. This means that a major group of people end up suffering from different forms of malnutrition without even knowing it.
Common problems that follow include –
• Diabetes
• Asthma
• Coronary Heart Disease
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Mild Depression
• Slow Injury Repair
• Old Looking Skin
• Stress and Poor Sleep among many others.

Monoatomic gold, David Hudson says acts as a super food to your daily routine. By combining this element into your daily diet you can make sure that you are able to naturally maintain good health and avoid the development of the above mentioned elements. This form of gold is highly effective in complementing your diet and facilitating healthy living in the long run.